The logical questions that every employer should ask is why 2Arecruitment? What makes you so different from other recruitment agencies?

2Arecruitment targets at the Hospitality industry needs. What makes us different is that our recruitment employees have worked in the hospitality industry and they know what you ask from a candidate. Through 2Arecruitment you save time and resources because we do it for you.

Every year the demand is growing higher for employees because the development in the hospitality industry is expanding.

Our purpose is to help you find the appropriate candidates for your establishment.

How do we accomplish this?

We make an agreement that you are accepting through our agency to send you CV’S from our candidates.

The candidates send their CV’s to our agency, then we evaluate if they have the proper experience and knowledge needed.

We arrange an interview with the candidate and we acknowledge if they have the potentials to be your employee through an evaluation that we have developed from our experience.

The next step is to forward the CV’s to the employer.

If we have your approval the candidate signs a written contract.

2Arecruitment has its target to build trustworthy long term cooperation with the employers with conditions that benefit you and our candidate.

Nothing is more important than hiring the correct people. People build an organizations success.

General Manager